February 15, 2014

My Lenten Fast

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I am fairly a distractible person.  It is rare for me to dedicate my emotional and mental energy to one task for any length of time in one sitting.  This doesn’t need to be  a downside, but I recognize the pitfalls of it.  Distractions can easily worm their way into my thoughts, particularly since I bought an iPad and iPhone.  Digital distraction is now never more than a swipe away.  I have recognized this for some time, along with a growing sense of unease.  So this Lent I have decided to do something about it.

So here are the rules for my electronics and media fast in the season of Lent.

(1) No electronics.  No computer, iPad, iPhone, TV.  This means no games (old fashioned board games still allowed), blogging, Starbucks card app, surfing the net, social media, etc.

Where this does not apply is to telephone, email, calendaring, texting, online banking, etc.: things necessary to life and work.

(2) No media.  No radio, podcasts, You Tube, music, TV, Netflix, movies, or magazines.  Paper books are allowed.

This will leave me alone more often with my thoughts, eliminate distractions, and make more time for focused engagement in relationships.  In stead of electronics and media, I plan to insert prayer.  I don’t know yet what this looks like.  I am researching something even as structured as praying the Divine Office in some form.

Anyone ever done anything like this before?


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